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The Stats: Why Your Business Needs Search Engine Optimization

seo image_croppedYou’ve invested a lot of time and effort into your website. It’s user friendly and welcoming. But how can you ensure potential customers find it?

You can add your URL to all your marketing pieces. You can spread the word about the website to your customers. But at the end of the day, potential customers join the 91% of adult users who turn to search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to find information.

So why do you want to be at the top of those search engine pages? Consider the statistics:

Search engine optimization is the process that makes your brand appear at the top of those pages (remember, 75% of users never go past the first page of results!). There are several marketing agencies that offer search engine optimization, but the best bet is to go with the business that achieves results.

Not sure where to get started? Talk to fellow business owners who have achieved results through SEO. Get a free SEO health check report to find out where your website is ranked with keywords you provide. The path to search engine optimization is an easy one—and very worthwhile for your bottom line.

What Social Media Site Fits Your Brand?

social media_croppedWe’ve all seen it: that business that wants to have a presence on every social media site, but they don’t understand the differences between the sites and what each social media platform’s audience wants. The result: the same mishmash of content posted on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus…with no engagement. No results. No connection.

Knowing what social media site fits your brand (check out this infographic to match your customer demographic with the right social media platform) is almost as important as what you put on those social media channels. It’s a black eye to your brand, and a waste of your time as a business owner, when you don’t understand Twitter, yet you’ve linked a Twitter profile to your Facebook page and your followers can’t see your tweets because they’re too long. Or, more commonly, you don’t have any Twitter followers because you don’t understand what your Tweeps want (if you don’t know what this term means, you probably shouldn’t be on Twitter). Each social media site is different.

Are you a flooring company or bridal salon? Consider Pinterest, where images and a mostly-female demographic fit with your product. A heating and cooling company? Consider Facebook or Google Plus. Sports team? Consider Twitter where fans are waiting for your 140 character updates.

You don’t have to confine your social media presence to one social media site, of course. But if you do have a presence on several sites, know your social media site and their audience. Finding your niche in the social media world is as wonderful as a compatible marriage. It’s a match made in heaven, where your business achieves results—and your audience gets the content they want.

What to Do When You Don’t Have Time for Social Media

social media_croppedYou’ve got a million things to do as a small business owner, and you can’t add anything more to your list. However, you’ve heard the social media buzz terms and talked to other business owners, and you’re sold on social media marketing. Your business is ready to embrace Facebook and Twitter, and reach out to your customers with solid content. Where do you start?

  • Hire a marketing firm you trust. Look past the buzz words and do your research. Network. Talk to fellow small business owners and ask who they trust with their social media marketing. Ask them what kind of results they’ve seen, and what to expect.
  • Stay involved. Don’t walk away and think that your work is done. Your marketer needs your input regularly. Anyone can create communications about heating and air conditioning, but the communications will be very general, and won’t reflect your business. What makes your business different?  What do you value and want the marketer to stress in your communications? Have your goals changed since your initial meeting with your marketer?
  • Be realistic. Rome was not built in a day, and neither are online marketing results. Give your marketer time to build momentum. Engaged followers, fans and customers are best attracted organically through quality content.

Remember that just as your business grows and evolves, so should your social media marketing tactics. A good marketer finds your online niche. It’s your job to give them the tools for that niche that embody your business—and give your customers something to talk about.