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25+ Ways to Get Facebook Page Likes

facebook icon on smartphone as user clicks on facebook business pageFacebook pages can feel like the proverbial island, completely isolated and cut off from customers and business associates. It can especially feel like that when you’re trying to increase the follows of your business Facebook page. There are three key ways to increase the following of a Facebook business page—and to keep them after they hit the ‘like’ button.

Post relevant content followers want to read. The exact content is different for every page, but should be content that the target audience wants to read. Avoid posting the same kind of content, such as blog posts. Instead, post a combination of content that is relevant and valuable for followers, such as videos, graphics, and blog posts. Don’t hesitate to share content from other pages, as long as the content isn’t from a competitor.

Post content with images and video. Images are a powerful way to capture followers’ attention, as statistics have repeatedly proven again and again. Visual content is processed 60,000x faster than text (from “Engagement rate on Facebook for photos averages 0.37% where text only is 0.27% (this translates to a 37% higher level of engagement for photos over text)” (from Use this guide to choose images that get results, and stockpile original and stock images that meet followers’ expectations.

Post regularly on Facebook. The Facebook algorithm gives preference to pages that post regularly and get engagements (likes, shares, content). The exact definition of “regular” depends on the business; businesses should experiment with an exact schedule that fits the target audience’s preference. Posting too often is one of the key reasons that Facebook users stop following a business. If a regular schedule is not plausible, don’t hesitate to outsource the task to a quality marketing firm.

Of course, maintaining a Facebook business page can feel useless without a group of Facebook users that see the posts. Remember that gaining a solid Facebook following is a marathon, not a sprint. Page administrators should make every effort to get Facebook page likes that want to engage with the page; these Facebook users are typically the group that are open to purchases. Note that this leaves buying followers out; this bad social media practice builds numbers, not engagements and conversions.

Instead, use these solid ways to increase a Facebook business page following and sales:

  1. Get a custom Facebook page URL
  2. Add the Facebook link to the header, footer, or contact us page on a company website
  3. Include the link on the company blog (Here’s why your business should have a blog.)
  4. Draft a call-to-action for blog posts with the Facebook page link
  5. Ask for Facebook likes at the cash register
  6. Print a post card to include in product boxes or bags
  7. Ask satisfied customers for Facebook reviews
  8. Request Facebook likes in a follow-up e-mail with a customer
  9. Include the link in e-mail correspondences when potential customers inquire
  10. Add the Facebook link to e-mail newsletters
  11. Include the link in staff e-mail signatures
  12. Ask staff members to share the Facebook page
  13. Have salesman ‘sell’ the Facebook page at meetings
  14. Ask for Facebook likes at trainings and seminars
  15. Include the line “to see Facebook-only discounts, follow our Facebook page” on post cards and marketing materials
  16. Add a QR code to the Facebook page (with a call-to-action) on printed marketing materials
  17. Create Facebook posts that are shared and generate likes
  18. Draft a target Facebook ad that intrigues potential customers
  19. Encourage customer referrals via social media
  20. Include a Facebook ask for likes in videos published online, such as on YouTube
  21. Make fellow brands aware of the company Facebook page
  22. Ask other vendors to mention your brand in Facebook posts when collaborating
  23. Include a Facebook call-to-action in the thank you message after a sale
  24. Ask for Facebook likes on other company social media sites
  25. Don’t oversell on Facebook (one of the top reasons users unfollow a Facebook page)
  26. Include the Facebook call-to-action in slideshows used in company and at company events
  27. Ask for Facebook likes at tradeshows and marketing events
  28. Include the Facebook feed on the company website


7 Cheap Ways to Promote Your Website

potential customer on bed with laptop searching for company websiteA company website is the one place—-one and only—to tell your company’s story. Social media is a close second; however, with algorithms that dictate how often and if your posts are visible to customers, you still can’t guarantee that customers are hearing your story or even getting your updates.

Digitally, the website is it. It’s the place for a company to tell their story, use call-to-actions to spur sales, and to generate customer responses. A well-built website is mobile-friendly, user-friendly, and optimized for search engines.

No matter how well-built, however, your website is not the only proverbial game in town. This is the digital age; the internet is full of websites—including your competitors. You can’t just expect customers to come find your website. You have to promote it. You have to utilize tactics that put your website in front of potential customers.

Note the last part of the equation: potential customers. Especially for local brick-and-mortar businesses, your website has to be promoted at a target audience within your service area. Views by a nationwide audience don’t equal sales.

The good news is that effective tactics don’t have to be expensive. Some of the best tactics with a high return-on-investment are surprisingly affordable for small and large businesses.

Social Media Posts

Social media is free for businesses, but it’s also incredibly crowded. The “trick” to using social media to get sales is to choose a social media site (or sites) that your customers use (this chart of social media demographics can help), post at times when they are online, and provide valuable content. Valuable content is anything relevant and helpful to customers, such as website links, articles, graphics, and (when appropriate) humor. If social media marketing is intimidating, consider outsourcing the effort to an experienced marketing company that fits the budget.

Search Engine Optimization

Website optimization is a must of every website promotion plan. Not only should a website be built for search engines and customers, it should also be enhanced with search engine optimization technology. For local brick-and-mortar companies, local optimization technology is the right fit. Local optimization targets online users searching online with a 10-,20-, or 50-mile radius around the company location (use these tips to choose the right optimization firm).

Email Newslettter

E-mail marketing is a marketing tactic with one of the highest return-on-investments. There are some best-use practices that lead to success. Build a strong e-mail list (use this list of ways to build an e-mail list) and draft e-mails with relevant content and clear calls-to-action.

Customer Interactions

Word-of-mouth marketing is still an effective way to promote a business. When interacting with customers, drive them to your website. Give them incentives to check the website, such as web-only discounts (“make sure you check our specials on our website”). Include the website address on business cards and coupons that are passed out at the register or included in product shipments.

Social Media Ads

As mentioned, social media sites have become incredibly crowded, making social media advertising a necessity. Social media ads are usually fairly affordable, but should be done on a strategic basis to maximize the return-on-investment. For the best results, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced online marketing firm for assistance with drafting effective social media ads.

Blog posts

Blogging is a marketing tactic that assists with website promotion in two ways. Regular, high-quality content can show up in search engine rankings. Content posted to a blog can also be promoted on social media, driving users to the website (especially when strong call-to-actions are included). Blogging only reaps rewards, however, with well-written, optimized content and images. To reap the rewards of content marketing, contact a marketing firm with experience in optimization.

Online Communities

Online communities, especially on social media sites, can be an effective tactic. Think of an online community as a conversation area among local residents or users with a common interest. When their conversation turns to an ask for a referral, make sure that your company website is the answer. These online communities can be on social media sites or on other websites; wherever their location, they can be an excellent source of customer referrals.