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20 Ways to Spice Up Your Holiday Marketing Campaign

muffins, tea, and holiday drink filled with holiday cheer from marketing campaignIt’s never too late, or too early, to spice up your holiday marketing campaign. Fact is, the holidays are a great time to relate to your audience in your content marketing, on social media, and in emails to your customers. 

That doesn’t mean you should abandon your planned marketing campaign and just post random holiday “stuff.”  It does mean that you should add some holiday cheer into your plan that your target audience wants to see (if you don’t have time, give yourself the gift of a marketing firm that can keep your social media posts regular).  Here are a few ideas that’ll spice up your holiday marketing campaign—and your followers’ interest.

  1. Pictures of how your office or store is “decking the halls”
  2. Social media post about business involvement in community
  3. Video of holiday cheer (i.e. slideshow of photos of décor, company service in community, etc.)
  4. Ask on social media for photos of holiday cheer from followers (i.e. their pictures of elf on the shelf, favorite cookie design, favorite gift, etc.)
  5. Offer social media only discounts and incentives to buy (make sure you don’t only post sales info)
  6. Email with ways to help them with holiday gifts (i.e. free shipping, ideas, etc.)
  7. Content that helps with holiday to-do list
  8. Story about retro holiday favorite that ties into business or industry (content or social media)
  9. Holiday fun memes (relatable to your industry)
  10. Content with last-minute tips about getting ready for the holidays
  11. Testimonials from clients about how product or service made holidays better
  12. Content with relatable holiday stories
  13. Holiday countdown graphics
  14. Social media contest asking for pictures with special holiday prize for winner
  15. Run a poll (i.e. does our tree look best with this tree topper, what holiday coffee flavor is best, etc.)
  16. Run trivia question about holidays on social media
  17. Create a hashtag (if you are on a social media channel that uses them) that relates to the holiday (i.e. #soooonotreadyforholidays, #holidayfailx2, etc.-make sure you do your research before using)
  18. Content about New Year’s resolutions
  19. Memes about the New Year
  20. Content with New Year’s predictions related to your industry

8 Tips for a Successful Holiday Online Marketing Campaign

holiday online marketingIf you haven’t started crafting your plan for your holiday online marketing efforts yet, it’s time to get started—and not give up. With more than $460 billion spent every year on holiday gifts in the United States and millions of users online every day, you’d be foolish not to use online marketing to make your customers aware that you can help them check off a few boxes on their gift list.

While that all sounds well and good (and easy), there is a difference between a holiday marketing campaign and a successful marketing campaign. The difference? Value. We’re not just talking about a discount, or giving your customers the best deal, but delivering value to their doorstep (and on their computer and smart phone). That value can be advice, information, answers to their questions, entertainment, products, services, customer service—any resource that solves their problem. So how do you plan a holiday online marketing campaign that delivers value to your customers? As you wrack your brain for holiday marketing ideas, our gift to you are the guidelines that make your marketing plan successful:

Target your efforts

You can’t run an online marketing campaign without social media nowadays. It’s a missed opportunity, but don’t feel like you have to be on every social media channel: on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and all the other social media platforms. Be strategic about your social media marketing efforts. Target your efforts to social media channels where you know your customers are, and focus your efforts. If you’re a bridal salon, focus on Pinterest and Instagram. Both social media channels have a strong female demographic of followers, and are very visual social media platforms. If your business caters to other businesses, focus your efforts on LinkedIn and Twitter which are proven B2B marketing tools.

Don’t oversell

Yes, your products would make great gifts. Yes, the world should know. But remember that social media marketing is not advertising (though you can take advertise on social media). “Sell, sell, sell!” tactics are an act of sabotage on social media, and decrease your chances of engagement with your followers. That doesn’t mean you can’t sell your products or services on social media, it means that you shouldn’t ONLY sell on social media.

Identify their pain points

frustrated womanWhat do your customers want to know? What resources can you provide and share that answers their questions? The holidays may be the jolliest time of the year, but it does bring with it a bit of holiday stress (and cleaning and hustle and bustle) as well as questions about gift choices, how to make life easier, and how to handle any holiday crisis that may arise over the holidays.

Invest in media

Videos and graphics are not optional in a successful media campaign. A wide variety of visuals is a must-have to capture your customers’ attention. Make sure you know the ideal size for each of your social media channels; if you are using Instagram, make sure your photos are high resolution for best results.

Create lists

A list is one of the most popular kinds of content that capture people’s attention, so use it. Create a holiday countdown on social media, or a list of gifts (perhaps a list of funny or unusual gift ideas?). Don’t feel your lists have to be solely about your products; remember you are trying to bring value to your customers.

Tell a story

Storytelling is still one of the most effective strategies in online marketing. Use it to your advantage in your content marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing efforts. Include photos and videos for optimum results.

Don’t treat your online marketing as a standalone effort

digital marketingToo often business owners and managers don’t let the proverbial left hand know what the right hand is doing; they think that traditional marketing channels is its own animal, and online marketing exists in a bubble. In short, integrate your efforts into a marketing plan so you can use a consistent voice and brand across traditional and online marketing channels.

Bring in back-up

The holidays are crazy both professionally and personally. Don’t be afraid to call in the professionals for assistance in your online marketing. Outsourcing can be the solution that guarantees that your business runs a successful holiday marketing campaign, so you don’t end up with a bag of coal at the end of the holiday season.