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Social Media Management Solution
Our KD Interactive Social Media Operations Center is an enterprise-class web site solution that empowers your company to communicate across all social media channels, measure the effectiveness of each conversation, and prove the value of social media. You aggregate all of the conversations about your brand, your company, your keywords, or your industry into one portal through which you also have the tools to analyze, learn from, and respond directly to those conversations.
Manage & Streamline
* Multiple Initiatives
* Multiple Social Media Channels
* Delegated Roles & Privileges
* Delegated Tasks & Milestones
* Calendaring & Task Management
Listen & Communicate
* Persistent Web Searches
* Sentiment Stream
* Dashboard Overview
* Conversation History
* Scheduled Content Posting
Measure & Report
* Social CRM (Salesforce.com, others)
* Big Picture Analysis
* Granular Analytics
* Sentiment Analytics
* Link Tagging & Web Analytics
* Bit.ly Integration
* Export Analytics
* Charts
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